New York New York

I’m a Florida girl. My dresser is packed with bathing suits and I’ve got grass stains on more than one pair of jeans.

Until recently I’d never been to New York. Never owned a real winter coat or a pair of gloves. Never even seen one of those unique little snowflakes. But last week that all changed when I got my first taste of the cold Christmasy big apple. I walked around with my favorite travel camera, the Canon G16. If you want a camera that’ll shoot in manual mode but that’s also pocket sized, that little guy is where it’s at.

My first day or two in New York felt like energetic claustrophobia. I wanted nothing but to run through an open field, this place was pretty much the opposite of my home. But in the midst of walking the streets I came to understand the love for this city. The hustle and bustle is a surface factor of an overflowing amount of culture. The amount of art, fashion and dialects that can be seen and heard on one street alone is pretty impressive. So the images below are a view point of a city opposite of mine in some of the best ways…



One thought on “New York New York

  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome images from one of my top 5 favorite cities in the world. Glad you & your mom got away for Christmas!

    Love you,

    Cathy Cold, Broker Creative Realty Group 407-927-1652 Cellular 407-834-9926 Fax

    Cathy’s Corporate Head Shot 2011

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