Ana + Brian ESession

Ana and Brian contacted me after they saw me photographing Alicia & Patrick’s wedding back in May. We had an awesome time talking about their pups, who are flipping cute, their love of True Blood and Twilight and what their wedding plans involved (my fav). When it came to engagement session time they had a lot of fun ideas to involve the things they love and were willing to try just about anything I threw at them as well as stay long past sunset to get some extra shots you’ll see at the end 🙂
2013-09-25_0001 2013-09-25_0002
2013-09-25_0003 2013-09-25_0004 2013-09-25_0005 2013-09-25_0006 2013-09-25_0007 2013-09-25_0008 2013-09-25_0009 2013-09-25_0010 2013-09-25_0011 2013-09-25_0012


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