Max & Emily’s Orlando Wedding

When I met Emily and Max it took us about 10 minutes before we were cracking up and doing the Charleston, or rather they were and I was trying. Any dancing other than the chicken varietal is a challenge this lass.

Emily and Max have a distinct sweetness about them, like they truly were plucked out of the 20s and just loving all the happy simple moments in life. They got married at the wonderful Omni Championsgate  and if there’s any moment you look at in this whole set let it be the first look. Their’s was probably one of my favorite moments of all time because of the pure joy that came pouring out of both of them! When it came time for the main event we were graced with what some people would call ceremonial luck rain. Thankfully the venue had an indoor contingency plan they put together lickity split. And a testament to both Emily and Max who didn’t seem phased by the change but rather still elated to walk down the aisle, wherever it may end up being.

Their night was filled with smiling, silliness, lots of impressive dance moves and a giant hostess cupcake. What more could you ask for?  2013-09-19_0048


2013-09-19_00522013-09-19_0050 2013-09-19_0044


2013-09-19_0061 2013-09-19_0062

2013-09-19_0065 2013-09-19_0066 2013-09-19_0067 2013-09-19_0068 2013-09-19_0069 2013-09-19_0070 2013-09-19_0071 2013-09-19_0072 2013-09-19_0074



2013-09-19_0058 2013-09-19_0060 2013-09-19_0056 2013-09-19_00542013-09-19_00552013-09-19_00572013-09-19_00532013-09-19_00462013-09-19_0075 2013-09-19_0076 2013-09-19_0078

2013-09-19_0079 2013-09-19_00802013-09-19_0077



2013-09-19_0082 2013-09-19_0084

2013-09-19_0081 2013-09-19_0085 2013-09-19_0086

2013-09-19_00892013-09-19_0088 2013-09-19_00992013-09-19_0097 2013-09-19_00982013-09-19_0087 2013-09-19_0090 2013-09-19_00962013-09-19_0091 2013-09-19_0095 2013-09-19_00922013-09-19_0103 2013-09-19_0104 2013-09-19_01052013-09-19_01012013-09-19_0100




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