Wedding Wednesday – Engaged!

Today is the first edition of Wedding Wednesday which will be a weekly look at my wedding planning as an insider in the industry.

Since this is the first installation I’ll get you up to date in case you aren’t already…


My beau Mike popped the question on July 4th on the top of the Palms resort in Las Vegas. It was the first day of our vacation and we got all dressed up and splurged on an incredible meal at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. We were overlooking the city line as fireworks went off in far corners of the strip when he started telling me about how perfect life was together and how he always wants it to be like this. As he got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me” I burst into tears of joy, immediately, and hugged him, lots of hugging… and a minute later he added a gentle reminder…”Is that a yes?”. “YES!” And with that, our west coast vacation turned into an engagement honeymoon (engagementmoon).


1. Picking the ring.

I’m obsessed with yellow, it reminds me of happiness and sunshine and all that is wonderful. So it’s no wonder that my center stone is yellow (as will one of my wedding colors) but it isn’t however a diamond.

Me and Mike picked this out together, I’m a control freak and lets just say his first pick wasn’t um… it. The setting is a Neil Lang design I’d fallen in love with back in January when I went shopping with mom. When I sat down with the man they gave us 3 options for the center stone: A regular diamond, a yellow diamond, and a yellow sapphire. They were all gorgeous.

I began googled the symbolism of diamonds vs. sapphires and the history and the birth stone relation and ya, I’m that girl. I loved reading about yellow sapphires being a symbol of loyalty and long long ago it was actually me and Mike’s birth stone which I found so fitting! On top of that it looked like a more brilliant yellow diamond for a percentage of the cost and that was music to my ears… or Mike’s bank account really. So they ordered a wonderfully cut sapphire and I can’t stop looking it everyday!

Since the proposal this is the question that keeps getting asked… “Did it ruin the surprise?”. For us, no. We’ve been dating for 3 years and had been chatting about marriage more and more frequently, I knew it was coming long before the ring. Picking out the ring actually added excitement. I wore makeup every day and cute dresses from the moment we stepped out of the store until he actually proposed (just in case). It was fun knowing it was coming but not when!

Did you choose your setting and stone?

Next Wedding Wednesday – Venue Shopping….


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Engaged!

  1. Such a sweet proposal and beautiful ring!!

    I micromanaged the design of my ring also, numerous emails of photos, specific cuts and carat size. Danny recently found a note in his iPhone that I had written about the specifics of the ring I wanted a year before he proposed (crazy much?).

    Love that you veered away from the “normal” diamond engagement ring, I didn’t do a diamond either!! I wanted a morganite gemstone because of its beautiful pale pink hue, difficulty to find, how affordable it is, and it is supposed to add more love to the person wearing it, who doesn’t want more love!!

    Mazel tov to you and Mike!!! Great article!!

  2. I wanted an antique ring and Eric and I looked at them together. I found one with a yellow diamond that I liked, but he wanted to do a traditional white diamond. He pointed out another ring that I liked as well. I didn’t find out that he bought it until about a month later. He didn’t propose to me until about 22 months after he bought it though. Then we were engaged for another 22 months! We are definitely not ones to do things quickly. 🙂
    I did have to have the setting on my ring changed from prong to bezel because I am clumsy and rough and kept knocking it loose and was worried about the center stone falling out and getting lost.
    I am so happy for you and Mike and I love your yellow ring! Congratulations to you both!

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