Emily + Max ESession

Emily and Max are an incredible couple who I got to meet for the first time at their engagement session. We went to the Omni Championsgate, which is also their wedding venue, to get a feel for the lay of the land. It was my first time going to this resort and I have to say, they chose well. It’s a beautiful location and the hotel was incredibly kind and offered us a meeting room to get ready in for the shoot – A+ Omni!

I learned that Emiliy & Max love old timey things and got caught quite often doing the Charleston – which by the way was hilarious and by the end of the shoot had me doing the jig. They made each other laugh every second and I’m pretty sure special ordered a pretty much perfect sunset. I wish I could describe what a fun day this was and how much I look forward to their wedding! online

IMG_1344-1 web



IMG_1417-1 web


IMG_1530-1 web IMG_1537-1 web

IMG_1425-1 web

IMG_1555-1 web


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