My Favorite Venue (So Far)

A few months back I had the pleasure of shooting at the Powell Crosley Estate, which at the time I had never heard of. I headed there to shoot with Jonathan Scott, an incredible photographer out of South Florida. Although I photograph events and weddings in Tampa and St.Pete all the time, Sarasota was kind of a distant childhood memory. I remember researching the venue website and thinking how poppy and beachy the site was and that maybe that’s how the venue would be, another bright Florida wedding. The moment I got out of my car at the estate I knew this place was special, rooms of deep rich wood, balconies overlooking the water, strung up chandeliers, steps that circled the side of the building. It was beautiful, a place I myself envisioned getting married. Shhh don’t tell my boyfriend!

The following shots from that day are of the details or photojournalistic images (not posed):

2 1


3 7

4 5



11 12

14 15 13

16 17

18 21



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Venue (So Far)

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