Congratulations, It’s a Bridesmaid!

I  think every bride envisions her bridal party as a sisterhood. One that won’t be able to stop laughing, that plans the bridal shower better than the event planner for the Inaugural Ball, and that is definitely going to throw you the most kick ass bachelorette known to man!

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For a lot of weddings that vision is real… and it make’s the bride happier than you may ever know. She gets to breath easy and focus on other things going into her big day. But it doesn’t always work that way….

So what can be done to ensure smooth sailing? 

Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, you should know that the average cost of being honored with a leading role is $1,695. That’s a substantial number bigger than what either side normally realizes. Most see it as just the loyal role of wearing a dress and getting the bride plastered whenever possible. But it’s financially and emotionally more than that.

A bridesmaid is chosen because she’s the best of the best in the bride’s eyes. She is the number dialed when the fitting was “so amazing” or when she’s just about ready to murder her future mother in law. The role of a bridesmaid is to be a listener, a therapist, a bartender,  a woo girl, a dancing queen and as always, a good friend.

So just like in life, the number one rule for the entire bridal party is communication and honesty. A bride should be able to talk to her bridesmaids about planning and vis versa without backlash or judgement. And if the bridesmaids don’t know each other, introduce them, have them become facebook friends, anything so that they’re not just email addresses and misread sarcasm.

As a bridal party, be accepting of everyone’s ideas. The maid of honor (MOH) is the designated leader but the best bridesmaids groups I’ve ever seen behaved more like democracies where everyone was considered and in the end everyone was happy.

The biggest issue that can tear a bridal party apart at the seams is expenses. If there are problems, you’ll be able to see them from the very beginning. We all have pinterest visions of a bridal shower that has to have 40 dozen macaroons, pink florals and a view of the ocean.


As a bride, talk to your mother, MOH or bridal party to make clear what it is you want and what their budget can handle. Are they on the same page? If not, remember that any of the parties you are about to have are about the people attending. Trust me, you want them there more than you want the silk embroidered chair covers (ever seen a chair cover do the harlem shake? Didn’t think so). Work it out together to find a compromise. And as a bridemaid, don’t ever”throw a fit” about the expenses! It’s unnecessary and stressful to everyone. Just tell the truth and talk it out. You’ve both been good friends for far too long to not understand each other now.

So now that you’ve got the best bridal party ever you can just look forward to busting some killer moves on the dance floor 😉



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