There are 3 causes I get intensely passionate about. Every year I try to give back/practice/offer free shoots to one of these things.

2012 is the year of the animal *rawr*. I did a charity shoot earlier in the summer with Pet Rescue by Judy to help get some local loved ones adopted. This fall I offered free shoots to some good local pet parents. Ya know, the type that love their pet so much that they gave up a Saturday afternoon to bathe, clip and comb their best friend and show up at my doorstep.

I left my door open all day and got plenty of amazing visitors with all kinds of fun toys and treats.

Here’s some of the awesome pets from that day:


Pup: Trevor
Owner: Amy

Pup: Wally
Owner: Alyson


Pup: Nila
Owner: Heather


Pup: Sophie
Owner: Nicole


Pup: Titan
Owner: Michael


Pup: Sherman
Owner: Michael

Pup: Wes
Owner: Ryan


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