Rasa-Lila Yoga Festival

This past weekend was Rasa-lila yoga festival here in Orlando. It was my second time photographing the festival and both years have been a great experience.

I arrived on Saturday and found a spot kind of in the back area to put a booth together. Since this was my second year photographing the event they were gracious enough to let me have a little display and in return I filled it with my favorite yogis to help promote their hard work 😀

Obviously I’m not entirely sure how to set up a tent or how to hang pictures in it once it’s up…. so this was the end result lol. Got the job done, mostly.

They set up this year near the water so people were a bit more compact but it was easier to wander around taking photos of everyone enjoying themselves. Which I definitely did.

There were a lot of great yoga practices happening including my favorite one which was in support for breast cancer survivors, strong women kickin cancer butt…

There was an indo board section where you could try out the different types of baords:

Some really crazy cool partner yoga. I have always wanted to try this!!! 

Some very impressive slack lining. Holy wow!

I’m actually not even sure what this was called…acrobatic pipe yoga? Aka baller yoga?

My favorite (of course) paddleboard yoga. You have to love a workout that involves blue sky and water!

I saw some tattoos that really popped and caught my artsy eye:

Also totally did the people watching thing and took note of yoga fashion. Everything from lulu lemon sports bras to intricate flowing outfits to t-shirts, it was interesting to see people’s personalities come out in their workout clothing. 

At the end of the day I got to eat yummy vegetarian food. I’m not a vegan/vege but I love having the option to eat a good vegetarian meal mmmm (never thought I’d say that as a kid). 

And next year I’ll land that forearm stand…next year 😉


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