Wedding Videography

Hiring a wedding videographer is something I always get asked from clients. “Is it worth it you think?” Uh, I can’t say from experience just yet but I can tell you trends and opinions of past clients.

What I’ve seen is that it used to be popular ages ago and then something happened… it took a steep decline. People were starting to lose interest in a long expensive video reel they’d watch once, maybe twice. Businesses started closing, and only the big budget brides who had cash to burn deemed it a necessary expense.

Fast forward to recently when a resurgence is happening and a really damn good one! No more are the days of the traditional videographer who gives you a long reel documenting the ENTIRE day set to music… maybe. Artists are coming forward, cinematographers, film makers. Beautiful works of art are being created on wedding days and ones that people will watch again and again and share with everyone they’ve ever known.

Here are examples from 2 of my favorite wedding film makers:

1. Key Moment Films  based out of Orlando



2. RisingSky Productions based out of Tampa


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