Rachel’s Beguiling Bridesmaids

Rachel, who’s engagement photo is the main image of my blog 🙂 is getting married next month! In preparation she wanted me to come meet her bridesmaids and let them get comfortable with me (pure genius). So she invited me to come photograph her pre-bachelorette celebration at the Grand Bohemian.  The ladies managed to have color coordinated outfits, on accident, I must be the luckiest photographer on the planet.  Their color scheme even managed to work into the rainbow themed party.

I hung with them while they got ready, learned about which ladies were married, who was a new mom and who the bouquet toss would inevitably be aimed at. We went up to the pool and got some shots of them looking amazing! They rocked the shoot… all the way up until we got the boot. Fun fact about the hotel: professional photography is only allowed in the rooms  themselves and nowhere else on the premises. Kinda lame but we got plenty of awesome shots and it just gave the girls a chance to start getting their party on!


2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Beguiling Bridesmaids

  1. Looks like a fun shoot! And you’re right, the colors were perfect. Love the alliteration of the title, by the way. So clever.

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