Josh & Kristina E-Session

In May 2012 Josh Davis asked Kristina Gilchrest to be his wedded wife, through happy tears she said YES. The lucky couple got to take what I call an engagement-moon (I’m jealous!) to beautiful New Zealand. They’ve always been drawn to travel but that trip seem to plant a bug that could not be shaken off. They decided their future honeymoon wasn’t going to be a small event but an entire trip around the world. I created an engagement shoot to show their passion for each other, adventure and travel.

Special note: their paddleboard outfits are actually the outfits they got engaged in. Awwwe!

*Thank you to Paddleboard Orlando for supplying the paddleboards for this shoot*


One thought on “Josh & Kristina E-Session

  1. Cat, you did a fantastic job with these photos! I think you helped re-create the emotion of our actual engagement day and seemed to really capture that emotion with your photos. Thank you so much for your hard work and planning to make this a great experience with an even better result.

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