Laughter Yoga Orlando

So when I first got a call from the wonderful Pat at Laughter Yoga Orlando to come shoot one of their teaching sessions lets just say I was skeptical. I’d never seen laughter yoga before but the way it was described just sounded a little bonkers, like putting cookies in your armpits and running around yelling “I AM SUGARPITS” bonkers. I showed up that evening ready to shoot with my preconceived notion that I’d be meeting a bunch of interesting but definitely crazy people.

They got started with some teaching and then quickly jumped into laughter exercises. At first I definitely felt a little awkward, what are these people doing…. making animal sounds? But as the minutes ticked by I started to chuckle and soon belly laugh and by the end of the session I was in tears practically slapping the floor. It was like one of those moments where you’re laughing and cant stop because someone else is laughing, except there’s 30 someone elses! The exercises and people (including me) were definitely crazy, but crazy in a GREAT who gives a care, let yourself go kinda way. It didn’t matter who you were, everyone was having a hell of a time! Admittedly there was no hard core yoga, but there was breathing and after an hour of laughing I felt worn out and over the moon happy. Hellooooo endorphins!  I came to shoot, but I left a fan of all things Laughter Yoga!


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