Puppies and Kittens, Free Portraits OH MY!

In the summer of 2012 a series of high fashion photo shoots are occurring with over 40 world famous fashion photographers. Animals from rescues will pose with models and celebrities in an attempt to raise awareness and adopters for these wonderful animals. In partnership with Charest-Weinberg Art Gallery located in the Wynn Wood Art District of Miami, the photos will be on display during an exhibition dedicated to everyone’s work for 1 month in September.

I am pleased to announce my involvement as one of the 40 photographers. I’ll be teaming up with some lovely kittys from Pet Rescue By Judy, designer Eva Danielle, makeup artist Amber Norell and models Hanna Russell & Rebecca Emma.

But to make this wonderful event even more amazing I want to get you guys involved. For the month of July I’ll be offering a free pet portrait session to anyone* who donates $30 or more to Pet Rescue By Judy! Your favorite furry friends will get 30 minutes with me, an online album for you to download and a 5×7 print. I’ll be collecting donations till the end of July and will deliver the sum to her with a collage of all the animals that made it possible! If you’d like to participate, make a donation below and you will be contacted to schedule your pet portrait session, easy as that!

*Must live or be available in Orlando vicinity for free shoot. 100% of donations will be given to Pet Rescue by Judy.


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