The Shaun T Experience

Recently I was contacted by one of my favorite people, the lovely Danielle Dillard to come shoot an event. I’ve shot lots of events and lots of people and they’re always a good time so of course, I’m in. As she continued to tell me about the event I’m pretty sure I could feel my eyes widening with excitement. “Come shoot for Powerade.” Oh…ok, the big name brand Powerade wants to have a play date with lil ol me?? Where, when and will they provide me with a magic carpet as well?? She continued on… “You’ll be shooting Shaun T putting on a workout for his fans.” Uh, sure, anything for Powerade….who the heck is Shaun T??

Of course there’s only one thing to do at this point….I GOOGLE (googlio for the spanish speakers out there jk). The results were that he was

  1. A hunk
  2. Master of the workout DVD world
  3. The creator of Insanity (Hey I’ve heard of that… P90x on overdrive!)

I show up at the Vue in Downtown Orlando at the butt crack of dawn, truly if the day has a plumber’s moment, I saw it.

The crowd of lycra and spandex were forming already, and they were PUMPED. A lot of them had t-shirts that said things like “Lets Go” or “You Can Freakin Do It”. There was even an entire squad of girls who made shirts to say “Shaun T For Me”, they managed to get some air time for them 🙂

Some of my favorite athletic orlandonians were there:

Left to Right: Danielle Dillard, Nicole Irvine & friend, Scott & Heather Hesington, Eric & Rachel (soon to be) Kirby

Soon it was  time to get down to business and everyone was ready to see Shaun T sweat!

You can see him smiling 🙂

Overall he put on an amazing event and there was lots and lots of grateful sticky people at the end of the morning. I want to the thank Powerade once again for bringing me along on this awesome day!


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