Experiencing a Bridal Show

As a vendor I’d never been to a bridal show before. I went once as a “bride” to see what they were like and was supremely overwhelmed, so many samples, so many fliers, so many people wanting to fill my email inbox. How could I do that from the other side?? I’m extremely outgoing, but I’m no salesman. I show you my work, flash my prettiest smile and kinda hope for the best. For years after this adventure I conceded that I wasn’t made for the show.

Then, I met Celeste of Elegant Imagery. Their photography business has been around for generations and I’d had a few friends already use them for their weddings and love them. When I met Celeste just a short while before the show, I was blown away by her honesty and unreserved social warmth. It was one of those rare moments where I felt like I was hanging out with someone I may have been friends with in a past life.

Heading into the bridal show I was completely overwhelmed, just like the first time. Vendors everywhere, all putting their best marketing foot forward. Elegant Imagery’s booth was undeniably impressive… bright colors, beautiful prints, fantastic frames, who wouldn’t stop to talk to them? No one, no one wouldn’t and I think every bride in the place did come by.

After a short bit, I was put to the task of being Donnie Brown‘s right hand for a morning photo shoot. If you don’t know of him, he’s the bright and dapper wedding planner from Style TV’s Whose Wedding Is It Anyway. I don’t get star struck and to be honest I wasn’t really sure who Donnie was prior to that day but I learned quickly. Tons of people came up to ask when he was going to make an appearance, if they were going to be allowed to hug him, where he was staying…all kinds of crazy questions I was enamored by. He’s a guy, who does his job really really really well and probably just wants to sit and have a cocktail…simmer folks! But I must admit he was a genuine cool cat. He knew what he wanted, how he was going to get there, and what he was going to wear doing it.

We got him through hair and makeup and on to the set. He looked great, the brides looked fancy and there were 6 different table designs to play with. Everyone did a great job and the photographers wrapped right on time.


Shot by Elegant Imagery



After my first bridal show from behind the scenes, I’m pretty positive that as a photographer I may never put myself front and center with a booth. But if these awesome people are going to be involved in them, I may have to change my mind.


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