Athletes Make the Best Models

My shoot day with foodie/runner/triathlete Meghann started at Rollins College with the sunrise. This particular morning happened to be one of Florida’s random cold snaps dropping 20 degrees overnight. Despite this sudden chill, she showed up ready to smile!

Around mid-morning we started in on some bike shots. She was really great at looking race ready with the hint of happy.

I asked her to sprint back and forth over and over. Each time yelling something, elongate your stride, run longer, run shorter, move your arms, keep your chin down – anything I could ask her I did and she obliged without a single peep. She was such a trooper even though a lot of what I was asking wasn’t exactly natural running form. But it is was worth it when we ended up with that perfect stride, both feet off the ground – born to RUN!

The bold, beautiful strong Meghann even looked amazing stretching and tying her shoe!

At the end of the day we went to one of my favorite bright spots, Credo Cafe. Check it out if you haven’t been, it’s a non-profit coffee house (like the anti-starbucks). The people that work there were more than happy to let us wrap up our shoot at one of their tables.

Meghann’s a professional blogger for healthy living and we wanted to make sure and capture her awesome everyday lifestyle.
Foodie extraordinaire!
The last shot of the day was just magic. Look at that smile 😀

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