The Farsaci Family Turns 2!

Sophia Farsaci was born a micro preemie at 1lb4oz on September 30, 2011. 2 years later she’s a super active, facially emotive little girl who can sing every Disney channel theme song you can throw at her! We did a mini session with her, dad and mom who’s expecting a baby borther for Sophie Bell 😀


Ana + Brian ESession

Ana and Brian contacted me after they saw me photographing Alicia & Patrick’s wedding back in May. We had an awesome time talking about their pups, who are flipping cute, their love of True Blood and Twilight and what their wedding plans involved (my fav). When it came to engagement session time they had a lot…


Wedding Wednesday – Venue Shopping

Ok so I’ve heard everyone has a “thing” they get stuck on when it comes to wedding planning. That something that drives them to want to sign up for anger management courses. I of course went into planning thinking I’ve seen everything, I’m like Oz behind the curtain, this is going to be a cake…


Max & Emily’s Orlando Wedding

When I met Emily and Max it took us about 10 minutes before we were cracking up and doing the Charleston, or rather they were and I was trying. Any dancing other than the chicken varietal is a challenge this lass. Emily and Max have a distinct sweetness about them, like they truly were plucked…


Heather & David’s Clearwater Wedding

Ok let me start this post by telling you that Heather is a unicorn. I’ve met plenty of girls who are smart and gorgeous… but to also be sarcastically hilarious as well as warm and welcoming to all, that’s a supreme rarity. I imagine there’s about 10 others like her in the world and they…